HTC Petra – 1.8″ smartwatch with GPS

HTC Smartwatch

With the approach of Mobile World Congress 2015 (02 – 05 march) more information is released around the web. A leaked list of specs from Upleaks shows what we can expect from HTC’s first wearable. The smartwatch codenamed Petra will reportedly feature a custom operating system built by HTC (RTOS) at the expense of popular Android Wear. Hardware specs include 1.8-inch PMOLED flexible display with 32 x 160 resolution, built-in GPS, Bluetooth connection, ST Micro STM32L151 chipset. Petra will be IP57 water and dust proof and should have a battery that lasts 3 days. The watch will reportedly be available in three sizes and two color combinations (teal/lime, black/blue gray). The watch should also come with a footpad that will help to analyse steps more accurately. HTC has shown that it’s got an interest in fitness by partnering with Under Armour, and so this wearable could be a continuation of that effort.