Smartwatch notifications for Basis Peak are here

Basis Peak

Basis is ready with firmware version 1.8.15 for the Peak fitness tracker that enable the wearable to display notifications from iOS or Android smartphone. When you receive texts, calls or other notifications on your phone, you’ll be alerted with a vibration and see the notification on your Peak. Peak will keep your notifications visible for five minutes so you have time to browse them before dismissing them. To turn on notifications, you’ll need to activate them on your phone. There’s also some differences in how notifications work in iOS and Android.

Basis Peak fitness tracker features:

  • 24/7 automatic fitness and sleep tracking
  • Heart rate during exercise—no chest strap needed
  • Automatically tracks walks, runs and rides
  • Automatic sleep detection with sleep stage insights
  • Smartwatch notifications for text, email, call on your wrist

The price is $199.99.