Tryavna Ultra 65 – perfectly organized 40-mile ultramarathon

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Tryavna Ultra is one of the top 3 biggest ultramarathons in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. Participants have the opportunity to cross distances of 65 km, 34 km and 10 km. Beginners, children and tourists have the opportunity to engage in free running short distance of 3 km. 65 route gives 2 qualifying points for Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc.

The ultramarathon start and finish (as the name suggests) are in the city of Tryavna. The town lies at the foot of the northern slopes of Stara planina mountain, about 250 km away from both capital Sofia and Varna, and at 440 m above mean sea level. The participants can stay in few hotels which are situated 100-120 meters from the start/finish of the race, so taking a bath after the long race is very easy. More information about accommodation.

This year the ultramarathon was held on Jully 11. The start for distances 10, 34 and 65km was early in the morning, 6 am, which is good because the weather after noon is hotter. I ran (walked) the 65km route which is with total climbing of 2450 meters, 2450 m descent and 6 aid stations with food and beverages. The route is not technically difficult with wide trails, smooth ascent, passing through forests and open fields. The second half of the race was more difficult because of hot sun and lack of clouds. The aid station were perfect – well arranged, with great selection of food and quick volunteers. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, sweet, sandwiches, protein bars.. the best aid stations for me so far!

I finished the race for 09:15:46 with moving time 9:06:35 and pace 8:40/km, 44th from 97 men. The fastest man was Andrey Gridin with time of 05:39:38 and the first lady was Antoniya Grigorova with 06:57:46. You can check out my Strava or Garmin Connect.

65KM MAP Tryavna Ultra

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